Sabtu, 2 Mei 2009


Finally, today comes. I have been waiting for this holiday quite a long time already.After around two months of hard work, I can have a three-day holiday.

First day of holiday (1st of May,Labour Day) , my friends and I went to Mid-Valley and Low Yat Plaza to look for some laptop.It was crowded everywhere and the weather is sehr hot. Sad to say that the model that I wanna buy have been sold out in the market and it is only available online.So, I hv to order online and wait for around one week for my laptop.After a tiring day, sweaty, weary and hungry, we went to secret recipe to have dinner and also watched movie "X-men Origins" . It was not a very very nice movie. Just OK .

Second day , staying at home the whole day will bore me to death. In the afternoon, I watched " Red Cliff 1 & 2 " together with my friend,James. Then, it was time for me to clean my room. The fan is full of dust. After sweeping, mopping and wiping, the room is squeaky clean to my satisfaction.

Though I didn't go to the Summer Camp, I spent my time and holiday fully . I felt rejuvenated now and ready to face the challenge that come soon esp the mid-year exam. Since mid-year is approaching, I may not have much time to online. So, my next blog may appear in June during my holiday.


Wao....Now only I know that I have disappeared from blog for one month.My post for April is empty.Sorry, Miss Chan. Better late than never . Now I will post one.

Well, nothing special throughout this month, other than the tiring lesson and worrisome exam and tonnes of assignments that crack every student's head.

One thing that I will like to specially mention is about humane and caring. Last two weeks was quite a tough period for one of my friends as two most unexpected and unfortunate incidents happened on him.Luck was not on his side.But, one thing that I felt proud and touched is that the friends around him care for him.One after one came to visit him to express their comfort and condolence to him.So great to have friends like them. It is true to say that once you leave home, you have to depend on your friends. That is what we called mateship. Anyway, wish that my friend will recover from his injury and sadness as soon as possibe.

Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

Hope you change

Below are some pieces of advice which may be useful to you as a homo sapien
  1. Try to really understand what is important and what is less important.As students, it is studying that come first but not playing and fooling around. There are still lots of time waiting for you to play after you graduate or finish this hard AUSMAT perhaps.Studies and exam or assignments come once only in your life. If you fail to do it well, then that is it.
  2. Try to concentrate and have self-discipline in everything that you do.Feel responsible to yourself. Don't hope to kill two birds with one stone everytime you do a work. It may end up that you only finish one work and totally mess up or neglect the other work which is far more important.
  3. As the Chinese proverb goes :" The thunder is very loud but the rain is so small." It is really shameful if you just know how to talk but don't know how to do it out . Please talk less and do more.God creates you two hands but just one mouth.He asks you to work more,not talk more.
  4. You study for the sake of yourself but not for others.Don't ever make a meaningless comparison. It will only hurt you yourself and also the other party. You should be grateful that you are blessed by God to live even at this moment. Another thing that goes with it is that, if you can score well in your exam, just keep it and thank God who gives you such an intelligence to score so well. If you score badly in your exam, don't feel sad.Just leave it to God . Take it as a sacrifice to God .

Lastly, I really hope that all of you could take this good advice and think of it in your everyday life.God bless and take care.Pax vobiscum.

Khamis, 26 Februari 2009

A Sense of Appreciation

Time past by so swiftly.It is now nearly the third month of the 2nd semester.Sometimes when I was alone , I think and find out that actually my choice of JPA is correct and I shouldn't regret it.Though I heard that PETRONAS is far better and easier than JPA, I feel that this choice of mine is not wrong.Perhaps God opened two of my doors and let me choose.I believe that both lead me to a good and correct way with a bright future.I choose any one , He will guide me through.AUSMAT now is swamped with loads and loads of assignments and tests but I pray hard that I can manage to get it through.
Yesterday was the Ash Wednesday which marked the beginning of the Season Of Lent which will last for 40 days and end on 10th of April , Good Friday .Since it is Season of Lent now, I hope that all Christian can pray hard and also confess and reconcile with the ppl around you.Jesus died on the cross for you.He sacrified for you .Why can't you sacrify for HIM?Perhaps you can take up various way of sacrifices ; for instance, fast in terms of food,fast in terms of anger,fast in terms of temptation and also pray hard.It is time to appreciate everything that you have.Everyone is assigned a cross according to your own ability in the eyes of God .If you suffered a lot, don't give up because God look high on you;thus He gives u a big and heavy cross to carry .Lastly,never lost faith in Him.Pray hard and hope all of you can enjoy life.Life is actually beautiful if you appreciate it.

Ahad, 15 Februari 2009


THis blog is swamped with all my packed schedule these few days.First, we went to Ipoh and reached there late at night (1245am). After three-hour sleep, we continued our journey to Sitiawan to interview one kompia shop and one mee sua shop.Luckily the whole interview process went on smoothly with coperation from both parties.In the afternoon, we went to Pulau Pangkor.Though I din jump into the sea to swim, I walked on the beach to feel the seawater kissing my leg and sand running between my toes.Nice.Fresh experience.
The next day we went to interview the ex-president and present president of Foochow association in Sitiawan.To my amazement, their foochow was different from that back in my hometown (Sibu) . I personally like this part the most because I can feel the warmth of my hometown when I mix with foochow and the president of the association give a full coperation and welcomed us with open arms.They even treated us with lunch.Nice .
Third day on Sunday,James and me fail to go to church for masss service cos my handphone got problem and the alarm din ring at right time.Haizzz.Sorry to God .Sorry to James too.We went to eat the kampua ( the most popular in Sarawak ) . Happy stomach. In the evening, we all went back to bandar utama by KTM and taxi.THe whole journey ended peacefully .
Reaching home, there was a surprise for James as it was his birthday .20 years old.
Came to Tuesday , the school life back to normal .The whole of this week , the homework swamped in from different teachers.I started to get sick.First, fever.Second,diarhea.Third,sore throat.Fourth,block nose.My God.Haizz.Hope to recover soon.
Yesterday was Valentine day .As usual, I have to spend it with myself .ALONE.May the whole world rejoice in this special festival.IT is not a day mean solely to those paired partner but also to those who u loved and cared for.One quote from the bible :"Attention is the most basic form of love;through it we bless and are blessed."
Ok la.I have written far too lenghty than intended.Jus want to keep it as memory.May all of you do the best and be able to fly.Gutt sei dank and Gutt segne!

Rabu, 4 Februari 2009

Post-Chinese New Year Dilemma

First day of cny , my family went to church for the cny mass.Wao...crowded with people and some have to stand because no seat.The church got give angpau to those who are 12 years old and below.But,I cannot get it.Haiz . That is one of the special priority given to small kids.But each of us got two oranges .

The whole cny , I stayed at home to accompany me and sometimes went out to visit friends and relatives.I especially appreciate this new year for some reasons.

Today is the tenth of cny. Haizzz..Sad to say that annual cny is considered as end already.Have to wait till next year.Now I am looking forward to our one day holiday cum interview trip (actually is like explorace ) on this friday and saturday . Hope that we can really enjoy ourselves before our real hectic life start with all the assignments and tests.Wait for me.I will tell all of you of the trip soon.

Khamis, 29 Januari 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

This week is really a wonderful and busy week.After back to Sibu on Friday noon, go out for monitor dinner with my old friends.What a nice dinner that i am longing for . Can have chance to meet with three of my old teachers and one new teacher ( who pretend she is a student).It is so touching to see that they still remember me and we got many topics to talk about .
Then on Saturday , James and me went back to our secondary school to interview our principal on our documentary.So glad that the school stil welcome us and proud to hear all the achievements the school had though we all leave ( Sekolah Kluster and Sekolah Cemerlang peringkat Kebangsaan).
Followed by Sunday , which is the day of REUNION for all chinese family.As usual , my mum cooked a lot of dishes .Now so anxious of tomorrow , the first day of chinese new year ..Hooray ....
Lastly , Happy Chinese New Year to all of u ...Enjoy urself be4 the holiday ended...